Saturday, November 22, 2008

History Tales and Lessons in Love from Chi

I'm working on a blog specifically for Chi. She a bright little girl and never ceases to amaze us with her incredible memory , her dramatic flair, and her uncanny knack for storytelling. If she weren't just a little behind in writing and reading, I swear she'd be making story and picture books by now.

This morning, she surprised me by reading the sentence on the "new tab" intro page (Microsoft Explorer: "What do you want to do next?") She's light years away from where she was at the beginning of this school year and it is evident that her "special special" is really helping...

So this was the entry she had me type on her personal blog, "The Adventures of LaChi":

One time when it was the past, there was somebody named Boo-ga. Boo-ga had found a handsome man that she liked but somebody shooted her dead. He knew that was an Indian. Then there started a battle with the other side from the present and the other side from the past. Just kidding, just from the past. And then, they got married.

{Mom says: But she's dead.}

No. She didn't get dead. Her father died. She got married. And he had blond hair and he he had your color mom, What color are you? Blond?

Then they lived happily ever after. Then they died.

Oh, her name is Pocahontas. I forgot.

{Mom then read the story back to her}

But Mom, you didn't have to put everything I said... when I messed up. Don't copy me this time.

{She says this as she reads what I'm typing, though I suspect that little brainiac would've known from the flurry of my key punching that I was putting down every word she said. She also noticed that when I started to type this entry I was still on her page... so I had to stop, copy, and paste it into mine.}

Later, I was trying to share an intimate moment with my Chi, telling her how much I loved her and how even though Mommy seemed mad so often now, I will never stop loving her and I miss terribly the special time shared with just Chi... but Ya, who was contentedly sleeping nearby on the bed, got a case of flatulence and spoiled the mood. As Chi said, " He sure do fart a lot."

taken 11/21/08, Chi and Ya

And as I continue to type this entry, Chi is now sitting in front of Ya observing his sleep moves.

Overheard within a song to her sleeping brother:"You don't actually have a big head, you have a small head just like your body."

And then this: "Mom, I got a surprise for you... muah" and she crawls over and kisses my cheek.

How blessed am I?

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