Monday, October 6, 2008

Pumpkin Guts

I don't care much for getting dirty. Things that make me sweat, not a frequent activity. Things
that are slimy or stain, I'll stay away from them. Things that combine both uncomfortable results? Avoid without a second thought...sketched

So why was I elbow deep in pumpkin guts in the sweltering heat of noonday sun? Because my baby girl wanted to carve her 18 lb pumpkin, of course.

I don't remember the last time I attempted this feat. Maybe never. Initially, after beginning the gross process of removing the sinewy interior of the pumpkin by hand, I said never again.

I read the instructions given with the pattern and carving knife. Then Laura picked out the facial features she wanted her pumpkin to have. We drew them on with a permanent marker, cut open the pumpkin's "head," and I quickly moved the entire process outside when I realized just how messy this endeavor could get.

Yadon sat contentedly in his carrier seat while Laura busied herself removing the seeds from the pumpkin guts with a spoon. I bent my spoon trying to remove all the guts, so I resorted reluctantly to using my bare hands to finish the job. Why on earth didn't I throw on one of the 200+ gloves we brought home from the hospital? Duh!

We had a bit of difficulty cutting the round shapes of the face we'd hoped to create, but ultimately did a very good job getting a rather handsome orange fellow completed. Perhaps we'll do this again sometime...

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