Monday, October 6, 2008

Why are things so... constipated?

This is a post about bowels. Mommy had issues with hers in the hospital. When they don't move, the nurses and doctors don't feed you. Get them working, and you have the entire menu of room service at your request.
Now it is Yadon's turn to deal with the stubborn bowels. And no, I am not going to cease the feedings until he gets them functioning.

Anyway, poor Ya...

We went from explosive and routine BMs to virtually nothing at all. Imagine being excited to call his dad to say "We have BM" and hearing a cheer on the other end of the line - - that's how far apart these events seem to be now.

We are burping and are reasonably content, but still there's got to be some discomfort without the sweet release that is a BM.

Daddy M gave Ya a pep talk this morning. It went something like this: "Now, you have to poop today, okay? A lot."

While I totally agree, I think I found myself saying, "Yes, but save them for tonight when Daddy is home to change you." But seriously, if we get a BM, it'll be cause for celebration even if I am the lucky diaper duty devotee.

Here's what our 5 week old (my Chub Chub) looks like these days:

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