Thursday, October 2, 2008

Back Is Best...

but Ya prefers his tummy! If I hope to get anything accomplished, this is how he must be placed. Of course, I am paranoid, so I check on him every 10 minutes to confirm he's okay. It's kinda cute seeing his diaper laden booty in the air.

And here's the ramble:

We've battled a bit of constipation (Ya's, not mine) and I suspect that my love of WaWa coffee is the culprit. Darn, cause I was really enjoying the DAILY run to pick up a mug after I dropped Chi off.
Ya continues to suffer from baby acne... much like Chi did. I'm miserable about it, because it means Mommy has to minimize the photos. After all, what self-respecting teenager wants a scrapbook full of photos with a face gone haywire? And we all know I plan on displaying those books whenever I get the chance!
Continuing with the scrap books, the budget has confirmed that it cannot handle me running out and making new purchases, so I am forced to use my stockpile. I suppose that this is no big issue, as the reserves fill my 10x9 scrap space and most of Ya's closet... but where's the fun in this?

I have about 20 pages complete in Ya's first baby album and dozens of photos printed and ready for inclusion when I have a moment. [perhaps I should say when Ya is asleep and I'm not sitting at my computer staring at Facebook or MySpace ::yikes::] Ritz has become a new stomping ground, though it disturbs me that they sometimes forget to use the matte paper I prefer. And as a bonus? Cold Stone and Starbucks are neighboring stores... so is Michael's (craft store). The wallet is pained by the neighborhood, but the consumer likes it a lot!
I found a new breast pump that works, so I am alternating between feeding and pumping to keep Yadon happy and to prepare for my eventual return to work which is looming before me. I must have overdone it yesterday, because I was operating on empty for Yadon's bedtime feeding. After about 20 minutes of frustration as he switched from breast to breast, I had to resort to Enfamil samples. Ya didn't like the taste, actually let go of the bottle's nipple, contorted his face and stuck out his tongue! But then I suppose hunger took over and he determined the meal was easier had, so he downed the entire 4 oz bottle like he'd never eaten in his life.
Tonight is back to school night at work... I'm going to be introducing myself to strangers who have the strangers enrolled in my classes. FUN!!! Attending required finding a sitter I trust for Yadon (5 weeks today!) that was available at 5 p.m. It's a good opportunity for Gram D. and Yadon to spend some time together. Chi will spend the evening in NHS care at the school.
And now? A flash back in photos from the portfolio collection I am working on. This was Chi at 3 months old, 2003:

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Rose and Donnie said...

Rachelle, I love the new pics you put along the side. : )

I am already grieving at having to leave my baby sooner than I feel I will be ready to...but in PW county, it seems we don't get a fair deal even when we use the Family Leave Act, so I don't plan on taking any LWP.

got your call (finally today my phone is working properly again). I am certain I will love anything you get for little G. We're getting so close...we have a hospital tour on the 15th...and are trying to determine whether we should take a birthing class.

I am finally better! I would love to see you and baby Ya...when is good for you? I can come on Monday evening, if that's okay with you. let me know! love you! (I am going to see my sister's baby for the first time tomorrow). Hope I can stay well from here on out to the day of the birth.