Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Countdown continues...

I'm sitting here perched in front of my computer, which seems to be my primary location these days. Yadon is moving a bit more infrequently, but when he stretches an arm (how uncomfortable!) or flexes his legs (that is not an exit!), I am reassured.

I'm reluctantly taking my iron pills in the morning and my prenats at night. Finally the sleep schedule has readjusted and my body is okay with the "speed" (as Marq calls the iron pill) that it apparently lacks.

We had a long conversation today about our son, as Marq shared that he found a multi piece suit Yadon just had to have. He is vying for a baby sling and continues to talk about how he and little man will travel around together chest to chest. I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever see my son! It's kind of weird to experience his growing excitement and to know that this man is wholeheartedly looking forward to being a Daddy. What a blessing.

Chi told her dental tech today that mommy's baby was a "brother" but that she wants a sister. This is a big switch from the previous hope of a brother... and she insists the sister should be the next one in the works. Hah! That'll be a few years down the road, if at all.

Our unisex Baby Celebration/Shower is this Saturday. I'm hoping it'll be a reasonable turnout and that each guest will be willing to write a small note to Yadon for his scrapbook. I also hope that our registry is being used for any purchases being made, but I'm grateful for anything we receive.

So... the obsession with photographs continues and I have my eye on a new Nikon D3 or the D700. Ten years from now, I might actually be able to afford it! In the mean time, I'm content with adding to my lens collection for my D50. I think I'll also read the manual to find out about why I'm getting these muted colors in my pictures of late. Oh, and Tav (and Megan) stopped in yesterday (following a promise of gas money for the trouble) and put up my shelves for my pictures! Now if I could just bribe Dad to put the crib together...

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