Saturday, August 2, 2008


Usually around this time of year I am counting down to my birthday... I'm not yet at the age when I dread watching the numbers go up and, perhaps, I never will be. Considering where I've been in the twenty nine years of mine (and where I hope to go), I'm pretty proud of aging. Maybe it's because I have an awesome family that likewise celebrates each year they are blessed with (and that looks GOOD adding them up!). When all is said and done, I've done some pretty amazing things with my life and I expect a whole lot more to come.

This year I'm not counting down for Yadon in front of Marq (because he's a nervous new daddy ::smile::), but Chi (the anxious and excited big sister) insists I know exactly how many days have to pass. She decided that anything in the 20s was "not that long," so she's getting ready now.

Alas, the crib is still in pieces...

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