Thursday, August 7, 2008

Waiting It Out

Chi and I were lucky enough to book a session with a  maternity photographer who STAYS booked.  Go figure.  If I wanted WalMart or JCPenny, I'd have my pick of times... but decide I want something different, and it's begging and pleading and complimenting to get a date set.  Then once I get my session in it's the waiting game of yesteryear (remember when they said "come back in two weeks" and you had printed pictures to choose from?).  Two to three weeks for digital proofs then another two or so for your order.  I know I'm supposed to be patient, but come on... how long are we gonna test me?

Some photographers do sneak peaks...  but then they don't want you to share the images they've taken.  I get that... but seriously, it's not like people are printing the things out and selling them!  Or maybe the unscrupulous are?

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