Saturday, June 28, 2008

Infant See 3d4d

After a bit of an issue over our appointment time (I scheduled for 1 p.m. a month and a half ago, they lost the appointment but "fit me in"), and a lot of traffic into Fairfax, we got to our elective 3d/4d session and saw little Marques Yadon doing what he does all day...

Favorite pastime? Sucking on his umbilical cord... His feet stayed near his face the entire session, and for much of it his hands likewise criss crossed him. In the picture to the left, you can see the cord in his hand going across his nose and cheeks.

Laura admitted she only saw blobs on the screen, but she tried hard to see her brother and was very observant the entire time. Marq got a DVD of the session, so I suppose we can all sit around trying to decipher body parts and features at some point.

We wanted desperately to see a full on facial shot, but were thwarted - - the photo shows how close we got, though we can't see his nose clearly... He has chubby cheeks and according to our ultrasound tech, his ears are like mine. He's ultra skinny and we're hoping he packs on some pounds or we'll have to return his baby clothes because they're too big!

I should also mention that my frustration with the directions and the traffic were taken out on Mom/Oma who volunteered to drive ... oops. I could blame it on pregnancy hormonal mood swings, but anyone who knows me knows I'm always terse when it comes to misdirection and being lost. Me and wandering in the hopes of reaching a destination "eventually" just don't go together... Sorry Mom.

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