Sunday, June 29, 2008

Big sister... and other rambling

One of the things I am quickly discovering as Laura gets closer to becoming a big sister is that she is acutely aware of who is excited and how they demonstrate it.

She understands that my son's father is Marques (she calls him Marq, like I do) and she happily boasts about it whenever a new person meets him. She goes into stores and amidst picking out something special for herself, she makes sure that her baby brother gets something, too. Right now it's mostly little rompers, but sometimes she tests toys that she thinks he'll like (and she'll get to use with him).

And at our 3d4d sonogram session yesterday, Laura stared at the blurry, indistinguishable images and tried hard to figure out if her brother was really as cute as she imagines him to be. She also looked at the printed sonogram photos and inquired to mom (her Oma) whether Mommy (me) had photos like that of her. Of course I do, and I spent the first few months of her life arranging them in one of 3 baby albums all about my baby girl.

Honestly, I haven't even begun to scrap about our newest addition, I have so much to do about my princess still and she's the priority for the albums. Perhaps I'll have her help me do a few pages about waiting for her little brother...

As we get closer to our due date, I realize just how blessed I am at the timing of his arrival. How fantastically perfect my daughter's prayer has turned out to be. She wanted a baby, and her baby is on the way. I'm overwhelmed and excited to help bring her prayers to fruition and I'm grateful God still has a plan for my life.

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