Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 End: a recap in mostly pictures

It was just shy of 7 pm and my dates for New Year's Eve were looking quite tired. With all three accompanying me into 2012 being under 10, I'd collected assorted noisys to make the midnight madness a loud and exciting exclamation point on our 2011 fairwell.

And then something happened. The littles were nodding off on the short three miles drive from mom'n'dad's to home. I made a mental note of this. I'm amazed that car rides confine a child enough to pacify their "if I stop moving, I'll succumb to sleep" antics and provide much needed parental relief.

Inside our house, we quickly jumped into nighties and took inventory of our celebration goodies. Clackers? Yep, they work. Whirly-whistles? One dud, seven working screamers ready to go. Mardi Gras masks? A little odd, I know, but oh so cool. Any sense of anonymity encourages silliness and inhibitions.

But as the eldest watched the sun set and the darkness overtake the skies, she asked softly, "Mom, can you wake me up when it's time?" What? I knew we'd be watching the clocks, but could my child - who prolongs night time rituals for hours to avoid sleeping at a reasonable time - konk out even before bedtime?


Happy New Year!!!

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Ms. Understood said...

Great pics of your kids! Looks like you had a lot of fun ringing in the new year.