Monday, December 26, 2011

Dear Santa... Let me sleep

In the still dark hours, a half dozen feet pitter-pattered up the stairs, while giddy laughter intermittedly echoed in the hall. It wasn't hard to hear their excited chatter about Santa eating their gingerbread cookie creations and leaving gifts behind. They'd already visited our tree and inventoried the meager assortment of gifts left for them in an assortment of packages. And though their collective packages looked nothing like the piles and piles of presents in the movies, each was genuinely thankful to have been thought about. Slowly, grudgingly, we forced ourselves out of the warmth and softness of the sheets and comforters layered on our bed. The kids could not wait and their anticipation was like a caffeine boost to our tired spirits. We shuffled down the stairs to join our quartet of happy children. It was mere minutes before each of the gifts was separated to its recipient and the wrapping paper was scattered around the floor in anxious unwrapping. The fervour of activity followed by the pleased smiles of children who'd found something special just for them was priceless. Sketchbook and cartoon how to books for Rico, Jammit keyboard for Ya, a much-requested gift card for Chi, and a guitar for JD seemed to be just enough to satisfy. Only Chi had really made her wish list known... and when the kids met with Santa, Ya confided that what he really wanted was a duck. Santa was certain he meant "truck," but that is not a speech mistake I've ever heard him make. So, Santa did pretty well with no suggestions. The kids sprinkled reindeer dust to coax the travelers and the loaded sleigh to stop at our house. They forgot to leave Santa's snack in an obvious spot, so I took the specially decorated cookie Chi made and put it on a plate near some tea to wash it down. This year he finished all of the goodies on his plate. Rob later confided that next year we should consider making homemade shortbread or sugar cookies instead of relying on gingerbread house disasters as a treat. Surely, he said, Santa will be sending out a dental bill for the tooth breaking hard and sickeningly sweet enticement we'd left near the tree.
It was a small Christmas - - our first together as a family of six. And it was one that will be etched in our history.

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Tara said...

what a beautiful family!