Friday, November 4, 2011

Six Word Fridays (Better)

(working on something a little different than my usual... inspired by SWF)
Autumn sunset
I thought I knew how to
love – it seemed so easy once.
Simply allow myself to fall completely.
Surrender to someone else, assimilate. Vanish.
I did this (far too long).
Accepted fault for things not done;
Diminished flaws and ignored grave wrongs.
Now, I know. That wasn’t love.
I’d died many times for falsehoods,
would still be dead right now.
Because pretending to be – not being –
Is not living as I ought.
But then he found me. Broken.
(And taught me to repair myself.)
Love does not require letting go.
I’m better with him than without,
Been reintroduced to myself, I admit.
Encouraged to become so much more
than I’d allowed myself to try.
And through his acceptance came empowerment.

I feel his love surrounding. Supporting.
It’s something amazing to finally see
that with him, I become more … me.


Adrienne said...

With him (her, them, it...) I become more me! Inspiring! Great reminder to take in all that supports our journey to our best self, and leave behind the rest. Thanks for this!

ayala said...

This is great because it brings out the hope of a new beginning and all the things that await you!

LaQueshia Jeffries said...

MommyR, That was beautiful! I love it. I don't know why we stop/deny being, but I love it when be start :o)

Melissa said...

Becoming more of you. *Love* this.

Brook @ To Be Dancing said...

now if we can teach all young girls not to give up themselves in order to have a relationship....
yay! for becoming ourselves more. and the partners who support that!

Mel Gallant said...

"Love does not require letting go" - absolutely right. Glad you have a love that let's you be and helps you be your best. :)