Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mama's school boy

An interesting diddy heard 'round the homestead:

"This little piggy went to Marques, Marques...
this little piggy went to his home...
Wee wee wee all the way!
This piggy went to a car - spaceship...
boom boom vroom."

The Story of Adam and Eve, by Ya:
"My school says: God says not to go in the garden. You can't pick anything out of the tree.
I'm talking about the fruit berries.
The girl go down the street, then go back in the house and then she went in God's room...
and then, surprise!
She walked down the street. And then...
she picked one right out the tree and eat it.
She sound like a pig.
Then he picked one right out of the tree.
And then they're in trouble.
He told them not to pick out the tree.
Them got in trouble.
So, the end.
So, that's the story."

moments later, some further clarity:
"The snake was trying to talk to her.
It said 'Ssss. Sssss. Sssss. You can pick out the tree. That's nice.'"

and to further explain:
"God made him [Adam] in dirt."

** As recorded verbatim from our afternoon conversations.


Ida said...

What an interesting conversation. I love how their minds work. - Those glasses are so funny. We have the same ones here and I was playing around with them yesterday.

Ashley Sisk said...

HEHEE - that's pretty cute. And those glasses are awesome!

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

Soooo adorable!

Amarie said...

Too funny LOL!

nickea said...

Haha! I love his thought processes!

Tara said...

oh I love those two pictures!!! That is so hilarious and precious! Your children are stunning!