Monday, October 31, 2011

Chi: Warrior Princess

Warrior BeautyIn 2008, she decided that faeries were cool - - Autumn faeries, that is. So we spent way too much on a set of wings, a glimmering crown, and a flowing skirt. She quickly tired of correcting candy givers of what she was,and was terribly cold in the thin garment (despite being shielded by a totally clashing turtle neck and sweat pants).

Halloween 2009 was the year of the foiled fairy tale. She was Little Red Riding Hood, but she was toothed and dangerous. Clenching down on would-be wolves with her vampire teeth, she was no innocent little lass on the way to Oma's house.

By 2010, Chi had decided that the Renaissance women had it right: flowing gowns with rich layers of fabrics in satin and lace were ideal for cold nights. She selected a Juliet gown and was a beautiful royal for the occassion.

This year, however, Chi is no sweet princess. With her spunk, her effervescent personality, and her newfound confidence, she needed a costume that made her strength known.

warrior An impetuous trip to the local dollar store turned up treasures just perfect for our purpose. A breast plate, metal gloves, and a hatchet conjured instant visions of a warrior. We bought the supplies right then. Add a leather-esque skirting (made by Oma because though Mommy can cut, she cannot sew) and an actress, and you've got Chi: Warrior Princess

We didn't finish the costume in time for a full photo shoot like last year, but we found a neighbor's unkempt bush to be a good make shift background for Chi's World's Next Top Model session. We quickly tossled her hair and completed the look with black boots and leggings.

She channeled her fierce and posed. And she told me later, as we selected her favorite images from our shoot, that she "needs" someone to chase after her begging for an autograph for her to feel she's reached the zenith of her life. Now I don't think she's decided to be an actress or a model, but maybe the spotlight is calling her to that career.

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Ashley Sisk said...

I love how she is completely in character!

nickea said...

She is truly a remarkable little lady... That spunk; that natural sparkle in her eye when she is having fun... She is already a star... T. B. will have to wait until cycle 40 to discover this one! Until then... Have fun-- before she begins charging you for this privilege. Lol!

Ida said...

Oh my gosh she has the Warrior Princess look down pat. Fabulous photos.