Monday, September 19, 2011

{Sweet} Fireman for Texture Tuesday

Ya has been pretty consistent with his dreams of becoming a construction worker. I'm told every boy fantasizes about working the big machines - pushing dirt and building mighty structures. Whenever Ya sees a "dump truck" (any construction vehicle - from cement truck to bulldozer), he starts talking. When he gets bigger (the magic age, he says, is five), he'll be big enough to drive a dump truck.

But last month, Ya's daycare class took a field trip to the volunteer fire department. I know from past attempt at getting my son into the engines that he's afraid of them. Afraid and yet, fascinated. He knows firemen put out fires. They help people. And like the EMT ambulances, when they sound their alarms and turn on the flashing lights, someone is saved. He thinks they're superheroes. (I tend to agree.) And, since Ya's always had a particular fondness for super power possessing people, he's decided that he too should consider a career as a fireman.

Right now; not when he's big, big, big, bigger! He already has the boots. And certainly, as good as they are for keeping one's feet dry in puddles, they must be perfect for fighting dangers.

At the local dollar store, Ya saw a yellow fireman's hat. He would not leave the store without it. I'm a sucker, I know. He got it. (And Chi got some fake eyelashes for no good purpose other than fairness). Add to his ensemble the rain boots and a "fire motorcycle" shirt, and Ya was ready. He was convinced we'd get to trade in Mommy's car for a loaner engine.
strong fireman
"I'm a fireman," he said. "That means they have to give me a car."
[caption id="attachment_2338" align="aligncenter" width="533" caption="this week's Sweet Shot :-)"]in training[/caption]
They didn't. But, Ya says, "Mommy, look at my eyes. I'm not even a fireman. I'm a Yadon." You see, fireman have a look. It's kind of odd. Ya demonstrated.
the lookthe look (2)the look (3)
We did try again on commandeering the engine. Well, actually... we walked near a station house and stared longingly at the shiny trucks in their garage. Ya stood in his hat and boots gazing with longing at the stationary vehicles and I think he willed them into action. An ambulance and a truck revved to life, turned on full siren and lights and raced off to answer a call. A few minutes later, a truck returned. One of the men noticed Ya standing on the hill across the street and waved. His colleague also waved. And as they turned the corner, the driver honked at Ya and saluted the little fireman. Ya was so shocked at the notice that he froze. Then, when certain the truck was in its space in the garage, he smirked and his eyes twinkled.

"I'm a fireman, Mommy."

Texture Tuesday
About the edit: KK has done it again! This week's texture was a trio of Ugg Love - - and that does not mean ugly. I love that there is a sort of aged richness to the edges of this texture, with a smidgen of teal added for pizazz. I used the full original color texture with Soft Light at 100 percent, removing it from the face and hands. I wanted a little more of a dreamlike appearance to the photo, so I added Archives (multiply, 100 percent).

Dear dollar store,

We love you! I know of few (if any) places where I can get quality 'whatevers' for a buck. I don't need to be paid to endorse you... I save whenever I pass through.

The really awesome assortment of costume pieces is wonderful. We especially enjoyed playing with the medieval armor. And that clown wear? Well, I think we might be back to pick it up. I'm thinking mama banana might just be a hybrid clown-hobo this season.

So tell your purchasing crew that this mama thinks they're awesome. Keep it up. We really do love you.


Amarie said...

Rachelle, you need to have that last photo printed & framed! That look on his face is priceless lol. I love the color, texture, eveything.

Rachelle said...

thanks!!! I have a few that I need to print now... need to figure out which company I like for processing. Feels like I've tried them all. Did you notice the tears? Decided he was hungry and done with pictures. It was HIS idea to take some in the first place, go figure.

Cedar said...

Oh my goodness! These are all SOOOO cute and with a story to go with them! Really nice use of the texture, too, tears and all!

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

Goodness...what a cutie! LOVE that last shot.

Tara said...

I love this post! so sweet!! What a wonderful story too! Love his fireman faces!

Abi said...


Carmen Garland said...

Love these. Great idea!

Mallory said...

Oh my goodness, his little face is just too cute. I need to try to start to work with textures but I'm a little nervous.

Susan said...

Oh my, this kid is just toooooooooooo cute!! What great shots mom. Love the texture one too.

“Let Them Be Little” said...

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