Friday, September 23, 2011

Six Word Fridays: Picking the "pace"

You got this from where? Where?
New York City? That's no place.
No place for sleeping on dreams.
Pick up the pace. March on.
Reach for the skyscrapers, and further.
Touch the clouds while reaching higher.
Your pace just is not enough.
Prove you are determined. Race on.
We're not talking about secret sauce.
If you're hot, it's not picante.
It's sheer effort causing that heat.

(for my girl 'Kea)

shared with Six Word Fridays


Ayala said...

Reach for the skyscrapers , I like the message in this, very nice.

Kate said...

Sheer effort creating the heat - love it.

Sara said...

I love the line 'its sheer effort causing that heat"
Success and reaching your dreams is hard, sweaty work!

Brook @ To Be Dancing said...

Very cool. I mean hot! :P

Melissa said...

That's right! :)

(My husband also made suggestions of hot sauce for this topic!)

Mel Gallant said...

'Prove you are determined. Race on.' Yep. Good advice.