Sunday, August 28, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Or perhaps this should be called the texture attack? I had a bit of fun experimenting with images and artistic texture processing. A little bit of a departure from photojournalism, but I think it works for this week's themes.


(Using textures from Kim Klassen's Ultimate Bundle: "music art" and "scratches" & "silence" and "stained linen"; Debonair action from Ashley Sisk)

Old and New
new to me
Old type writer that's new to you... found at an antique store in Fredericksburg. (Using Pioneer Woman's Heartland Action and KK's texture overlays "stamped softly" and "ightpaper1").

Night Photography
blow monster
Waiting until night fall to blow out one's birthday candles is the only way to go...

Queso on tortilla...with a little fresh salsa for extra kick. (KK's "extreme grunge")

wrong forecast
The forecast called for scattered showers... but all we saw was sun.


Ashley Sisk said...

WOW girl - you really worked it out this week. I love this entire set!

Erikka said...

I love this whole set too! I especially love the one with the little one with the umbrella! So cute.

Saun in Ohio said...

Nice series, my favorites are music and sun :)

Jenny said...

loooove the Sun shot :) that is great :)

Melanie said...

These are all spectaculare! Love the night shot!

Sarah said...

Gorgeous shots Rachelle. I love the night shots.

Rj, Jessie and Brayden said...

I love these!