Saturday, August 27, 2011

Oh baby, you're not

Dear Ya,

The night before you were born, I was restless. I lay in bed uncomfortably feeling your fierce fight for freedom. My mind raced with thoughts of our first official meeting - what you'd look like, how you'd sound, how you'd feel when finally in my arms. I prayed for a safe delivery and a quick homecoming - - that we'd swiftly be reunited with your sister who prayed devotedly for your healthy arrival. It was an endless night of anticipation.

These last few days I've thought a lot about that baby I birthed. You: with the stunning long lashes, the wide mouth, the huge and deeply soulful eyes. You: who changed my life just when I thought I'd figured it all out. You: who made friends into family. You: who has enriched our understanding of love and devotion. You.

Turning Three

Your ceaseless energy astounds me. Your powerful grasp of language impresses me. Your uncanny ability to adopt and adapt phrases, gestures, and emotions into your own repertoire amazes me. Your tenacious focus and determination - your strength to persevere - inspires me. Your wisdom of character humbles me. birthday  #3
Has it really been three years? Am I really so lucky you're mine?

There are days when you open your eyes and say "Good morning." You wave goodbye and insist on blowing a kiss before leaving the room, even if only a for a moment. You wait for me to return the kiss. You smile broadly, bright eyes shining, when I do. Why are you so wonderful?
birthday balloon 1
You've been telling everyone your birthday is "coming up." You practiced blowing out the candles with my birthday cake. You sing "Happy birthday to me" at random intervals (when you're not singing "Look At Me Now," "OMG," or "Hot & Cold," that is).
birthday windy
If you could read, you'd probably correct something I've written here beginning "Well, actually..." as you are prone to do these days. And then you'd articulate your thoughts on the subject with such clarity that I'm left dumbfounded at your genius.
birthday balloon 2
Did I mention you have a thing for "dump trucks"? Well, actually, they are construction vehicles, but you've decided they all eventually dump something. You said just the other day that you wanted to be bigger so you could drive a dump truck. I bet you'll actually do it, too. You'll hop on your motorcycle and race off to some construction site and spend your day building.

Oh, your future is so promising. The possibilities are bountiful - you need only believe in yourself as much as I believe in you.

I can't wait to see who you become in this next year and all those to come. Happy Birthday, Ya!


Mommy "Buh-shell"

Things you've said recently:
"Mommy, I can't wait to make a party for my birthday..."
At McD's: "If I don't get a toy, then that means I'm not sitting down."
No idea where this came from: "That frog stuck his tongue right in my nose. He doesn't even know how to get it out."
Me:"hurry up or I'll leave your tail here." You:"Mommy. I DON'T have a tail. I have a booty and a peanut."
Me in reference to a slow vehicle:"Ugggh. Speed it up. He's crawling down the road." You:"He's not. He's in a car."
You grew a huge knot on your noggin. Origin unknown, but your tale was this: an airplane that didn't know how to fly crashed into your head.
At bedtime: "It's not sleeping time." You turn on the light. Chant: "I'm never even going to sleep. Never never never never never never never..."
No matter the answer, any question you ask receives the reply you want to hear rather than what I said... Always in your favor, of course. And when Chi doesn't believe you? You tell your sister: "See, I told you you should listen to her more careful."
When you are tired: "Mom, get in the covers or else...If you don't come in this bed.... MOM!!! Now! Now!"
2yr23mo wisdom upon seeing my boo boo (a scratch): "I told you not to go outside, the bugs will bite. It's too late for you, see?"

Joy popper
Restaurant: El Paso
Store: ChooChoo store (Wegman's)
Favorite Food: Strawberries - - you can eat 2lbs in a single sitting. Tummy ache!
Favorite Vehicle: motorcycle
Favorite Song: was "Oh My Gosh" by Usher, but you're always singing "she wax it all off, Mr. Miyagi" from "Look At Me Now" (so appropriate, I know)
Slightly Obsessive Enjoyment: blowing out candles

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