Sunday, June 5, 2011

Scavenger Hunt

Front Page
front page
sweat bead
...of sweat that is.
Hot, Hot, Hot
The temperatures hit 100 degrees this past week. It made waiting for Chi to get out of school a very tough time.  So we shed school uniforms in favor of under-tank and shorts. We left the car idling to keep the air condition going. And the windows and sun roof were opened to welcome any cross breeze that might bring relief.
Like PopPop, like Ya. 
Finding Form
WARNING: This is probably when arachniphobics should jump blog.  The pictures are larger than life.
spider formspider form too
In front of my parents' house are bushes.  They're manicured and recently bloomed in vibrant pinks.  They're also home to a colony of spiders - plump, green spiders with jeweled yellow bottoms and long, graceful legs.  Now that I've taken to bug hunting with my Macro lens, discoveries like this thrill me.  My parents, however, are less than thrilled that these spiders are so very close to their front door.  Luckily, Mom won't disrupt the circle of life and Dad is hoping someone else will rid his property of the extra residents. 

Anyway, the theme was "finding form," and though the tutorial on Kat Eye View suggested looking for form in architecture and patterns in structures, I found myself fascinated with the intricate webs and the magnificent colors of these arachnids.  It took fewer than two hours for one of these webs to be reconstructed (it was damaged accidently when the kids were using the hose to wash a car).  Pretty impressive, I think.  So I climbed and squeezed close enough to capture the form.  It was great practice for manually focusing!


Stephanie said...

Great idea for "beads"! I know the heat is taking over and it's no fun! Great macros of the spiders! Scary, but great!

Linda R. said...

Such great photos this week. So creative on your front page news, I love it..

Melissa said...

What a great newspaper capture! I can also understand how hot it's been and have had beads of sweat myself. Stay cool and enjoy your summer.

Ashley Sisk said...

Your work is always so impressive - wow. I love them all but your first shot/article is so cool! Great job.

Kim said...

I love the interpretation of beads. You did a great job with all of your shots.

Valeria said...

Great interpretations. I love chores, because I am an bubble fan and that is just a cute helper

Serline said...

Love that your first few shots are all so people-centric, but that last series of macros are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Awesome photos. I love that first one. Great job.