Sunday, June 5, 2011

It gets me sometimes

I am the invisible woman.
Blink, and you'll miss me completely.
That reunion? I was there.
Birthday party? Yes, there too.
Lazy day outside at the park? Uh huh, there.
But I stopped sticking my finger in front of my lens a long time ago.
Maybe I should start adding it to the composition.
A fingerprint to say "Rachelle was here."
I am the invisible woman.
It gets me sometimes.
Especially when I know that someday I wont be here.
And it'll be like I never was.
A debt of gratitude to Mom for snatching up my camera today and giving me myself.
Just me
Determined, concentrated faces.
trio too
Twirling a bit too much.
Bliss, a portrait.


L. said...

Your mom did a wonderful job--these photos are so great!

Qiana Nicole_ Your Favorite Photographer said...

I completely relate. Thanks for the reminder ! your MOM did a great job! Thank you for sharing!