Monday, May 16, 2011

{Sweet} Dance and Palmer's Kisses

There's an exchange in The Tragedy of Romeo & Juliet that talks about a Palmer's Kiss - palm to palm in an outward - albeit symbolic - expression of affection.  This isn't what the "kiss" looks like, but I loved how her hand clutches his as though he were her source of strength.
Fancy hands
Those Rennies have some serious tempers!  The entire skit after the Queen's March was yelling and accusation.  Sure is hard to find her favor.
RennFaireduo #2RennFaireduo #1
Or is it?
(Queen's dance partner)
Princess Chi had no trouble getting attention.  She was even chosen for a dance with Queen Elizabeth! And then she kept dancing, and dancing, and dancing.
hope you DANCE
chi dancer
Then she became an actress, performing The Princess and the Dog and receiving rave reviews for her convincing performance.
princess & the dog
It was truly a sight to behold and this mommy was beaming with pride.
Renn Faire duo #3
Oh, the dresses and pagentry of the upper class.  Lovely, intricate gowns were replete with lace, puckered fabrics, and layers upon layers of fancy brocaded cloth.
Sweet Shot Day

**VA Rennaisance Faire 2011 at the Lake Anna Winery


Tamar SB said...

These are amazing pictures! I love Renaissance Fairs and have been to the one in Annapolis, MD once. Your daughter looked beautiful in her dress and seems to have had a blast!

Raymonde said...

Those costumes are amazing in their details and your photos are beautiful. Have a lovely day. xxx

Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. I love the clothes. While I do like the more casual dress of the 21st century, there's something about old fashioned attire, isn't there?

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh! LOVE it! What a fun day. : ) The costumes are amazing. Can you even imagine wearing that every day? They must have been so hot!

Freckles & Dimples Photography said...

those costumes are great...looks like a fun day with your gal!

Susan said...

Oh my, these are amazing!! Great shots.

And your girl is a beauty!

Love coming by your blog♥