Wednesday, May 18, 2011

B&WW: Field of Joy

I decided to waste a little time in a field down the road from Chi's TKD class.  I saw the empty space filled with wildflowers and overgrown, untamed grasses and thought it undiscovered bliss.  There are so few places like this one in our community now.
5.16 (fall)5.16(race)
5.16 (chase)
Obviously I've trained my babies right, because they took one look at that wide open space and were in love.  The kind of love that is fierce and clingy: "Mom, let's go to that field again."
5.16(race b&w)
"Mom, when's the next time we can go to that place?"
5.16.11 siblings
5.16(64)5.16(90)5.16(get her)5.16(run)
"Mom, I want to go over by Uncle Art's gym, you know, the grass?"
5.16 (sadness)
"Mom, can we go look at the flowers?"
flower pickin
back rider
It really is the simple things, the carefree times, that mean the most.


Anonymous said...

These are stunning! Each one is better than the last- but I especially love the daisys!
I wish I had an area like that to go take pictures.

Ashley Sisk said...

Nothing says happiness like running through a field. Love it!

robYn! said...

I have been reading your blog for a few months. Just never comment. but you have beautiful children and I love reading your blog!