Thursday, April 14, 2011

Work & Vaykay: a morning ramble

Tetra Terabite is feeling a bit full these days... replete with images (most unfiltered because I'm a photo hoarder).  She's going to need a sibling soon, for sure!
4.3 (feather)
I'm so excited for Spring Break next week that I'm feeling a frantic urgency to be DONE right now - with everything - immediately. I realized with a startling jolt - that if I hope to leave immediately after work, I have to pack tonight.  Argghhh. 

Today, Thursday, is doom's day for the research papers to be polished and sent away for outside evaluation.  Students have a great task in writing this four page paper that is a graduation requirement.  They've never been tasked with proving a point with evidence.  Look at the raw results of one student's writing: "communities must convince teens not joining gangs and teens must real eyes  how gangs really are... (sic)".  I'm certain we'll be successful in our finalizing, but...

Oh, and the birds are back in the area.  The feathers are floating in the breeze.  And yesterday, we saw a cardinal in vibrant red splendor singing this catchy kee-haw chant that carried on the wind and lingered in the ears.  Ya and I stopped to search for him because each time he called it was mezmerizing -- and then a little one answered somewhere below with delicate chirps of a young hatchling. 

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Michelle said...

Yay for spring break. I hope you enjoy every moment. I just scrolled through several of your posts...your pictures are stunning (love the earthworm, the flowers, the motion, high key---love that face!---and the tiny gumball earth). 'Love the close-ups you take!!!

Thanks for thinking of my family and for your kind note. We're back and all is well.