Friday, April 22, 2011

Garden Week in Colonial Williamsburg

I've been quite envious of replete floral beds ever since my home owner's association sent me a nasty-gram threatening to fine me for"illegal landscaping" (read: planting four flowering bushes in an empty plot next to my front door).  The barren space (save the mulch the professionals toss around and call beautifying the grounds) is void of all plant life - - except a renegade dandelion I'm sure I'll have a letter about soon.

Anyway, we took a trip south and discovered that the Historic gardens were all abloom this past week!  Apparently there is an annual week dedicated to showcasing the landmarks' outdoor living spaces.  Indeed, it was a pleasant surprise - for me, not the kids.  I was totally blown away by the natural beauty of these living rainbows...
I've snapped many an image of these gorgeous gardens, and I'm still reliving this visual splendor as I go through my memory cards.  Right now, I think I like this simple shot of Ya's daffodil (from a bouquet he demanded at the Farmers Market).  For the bargen price of $3, we carried home the bunch of blooms to pretty up our hotel room.  Good idea, Ya. I like your style.


Henrietta said...

That is SO beautiful garden. I would "die " for happiness to see that, really gorgeous.

Lesa said...

That garden is lovely! I've wanted to visit Williamsburg for years-- didn't know there were gardens as well as the 'old days' stuff.

Do I understand you correctly-- you received a note saying your flowering bushes were illegal landscaping? if so, that would make me plumb insane!!

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