Tuesday, March 1, 2011

{Sweet} Popcorn and a movie


Ya was absolutely mesmerized by "Monsters, Inc." when his Uncle Art turned it on.  Totally enthralled. Hardly even blinked for the entire film.  It was so neat to watch his face react to the various comic scenes (and scary ones, too). 

2.27 (pop)

He was completely into the action of the movie.

2.27 (chew)

My friends, I think we might actually be able to go to the theater soon!
Sweet Shot Day


Ashley Sisk said...

I love the last shot - he's completely consumed.

Erika B said...

Nothing like popcorn and a movie. My girls love that too. That last shot is really very beautiful.

Erika B

happy me said...

Your kids are adorable and gorgeous Rachelle! And I'll be back to see more of your great shots of them!

Thank you for your sweet comment for Ruby!

Debra (at aphotographicmemory dot typepad dot com)