Wednesday, February 23, 2011

B&W, not quite...

I had a few minutes this evening to experiment with a snapshot I took this past weekend.  It's a pretty simple picture. Composed okay, no fancy or ethereal background, no wow factor.  There's no awesome eye contact, no wide, welcoming smile, and no "take my picture" worthy expression.  And yet, I liked the shot as a foundation.

I played.
I overlayed.
I textured.
Then I erased.
And tried again.
And again.
And yet again.
And then...
February Flashback
My one regret?  Somehow when I was cropping, I didn't check the resolution (default is 72 dpi, 66x44").  With my crop, the largest 300 pixel image I can print is 6x9.

I want to cry.


Colleen said...

But it's beautiful... it looks so old fashioned. What a great edit!

Erika B said...

Beautiful soft processing. Love that vintage look.

Erika B

fiddlehead said... what you captured and created!

Taylor said...

Great job on the edit! Looks beautiful!

Ashley Sisk said... did I miss this. Beautiful shot and processing.