Tuesday, February 22, 2011



Sometimes working with my little one is a bit... unpredictable.  This is especially true when I'm weilding the camera control and in the photo as a rare treat - - but even with the flawed results, I fondly recall this moment of our shoot as one of the most special.  So, I call my "Kiss" love made visible.


Ashley Sisk said...

I love everything about this shot!

Tanisha said...

Awwww... I love it!! So sweet!

April said...

Goodness, look at that smile! love it!

Taylor said...

LOVE, LOVE, L-O-V-E this shot!! Now that we are in the new house my new goal is to get some shots with my babies. I only have a handfull of pictures with them and that's just not acceptable LOL.

happy me said...

I just 'met' you Rachelle and I cannot stop commenting on your photos!

This one needs to be printed BIG & hung in a prominent spot. Just crazy-beautiful!

Debra (at a photographic memory)