Wednesday, January 26, 2011

{Sweet} Ice

I've been holding on to these photos for a week now... I shot them in my front lawn [1.18.11].  Certainly, I confused my neighbors with my early morning photo shoot in the icy chill of morning (teen degrees, at best and super slick and dreary).  They've never gotten used to me and Cannon-Cam bent over and staring at some insignificant leaf, bug, or dirt that caught my attention.  Oh well... that's me: the weird neighbor in the corner house.
Drippin' Ice
This is not the winter I'm used to.  There's been little snow, lots of rain, and bitterly cold winds.  I think Father Time has Mother Nature on punishment for spending a bit too much time with Jack Frost last year.  Yes, that must be it.
1.18 ice
They've called for snow and we've seen it hit all around us - as though some super shielding bubble is blown up around the county.  They've called for storms and just as quick as they've appeared, the remnants of their visit have vanished.  I think the meteorologists are as confused as we've become.
1.18.11 ice
And yet, there is beauty in the unpredictable season. 
1.8 snow
[last photo from 1.8.11 - when actual snow fell!]
Sweet Shot Day


Colleen said...

So what are you thinking of today's weather? The sleet was insane, but the kids were thrilled with it and we just heard a clap of thunder. Weird weather this winter. I'd like some snow for the kids to play in, but that bubble is holding strong in NVA!

fiddlehead said...

Wow....I am in love, love, love with these ice shots! fantastic! So worth whatever the neighbors may be thinking!

Ashley Sisk said...

Um...seriously? These are ridiculous. Ridiculously amazing! BTW, did you see this:

Henrietta said...

I know the feeling with neighbors, I'm always in bushes with my bum up:)
Absolutely great shot the first one, love it.