Monday, January 24, 2011

Photo Hunt continues :)


When Chi was three months old, I painted this tea pot.  It began a rekindled obsession with glazing and firing pottery.  And after I bought my own kiln (see, totally into it), I was a pottery painting queen.  I completed a series of Seuss  pottery and one of Sharktales plates.  And then the electric bill arrived.  Uggh. Kilns are expensive energy sucking leeches.
1.17 silhouette
I still cant get this silhoutte thing down, but I think I'm getting closer.
door knob
Somehow, I totally forgot this was one of the hunt items... and my weekend went terribly awry before it even began.  My doors are boring.  My daughter's doll houses are missing (surprise, have you seen her room lately?). So, what to do?  Forgive me, I'm not happy with the shot... but it is a doorway...
reflect lens
Ya playing with Mommy's spy lens (mirror allows 90 degree angle between shooter and subject).
silver sleep haze
This might be cheating... but I really liked the silver effect of my post process on this one.

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Ashley Sisk said...

You always do such great work...and I love the silhouette. Beautiful.