Saturday, November 20, 2010

My girl and I

November 11, 2010
Just the two of us.
We plotted.
The dayschool open.
The public schools, closed.
Drop li'l man off to hang with his friends.

What would we do?
Just us two.

Mommy and Chi.
Eat. Laugh. Talk. Play.
IHOP writer
Share stories. Make memories. Create.
And write, and paint, and relax.
writer's pedi
Is this what it was like way back when --
When it was just us two?
portrait of chi
This is better.
Time together, not three, but two.
Mommy w camera

And as our day drew quickly to an end,
I couldn't help but think, "Let's do this again."
I miss my time, just Chi and I.
Those girlie times.
Simple times.
I think I need to try.
To savor every moment spent, when it's just Chi and I.

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