Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Making a list

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I'm pretty certain Yadon (age 2) does not remember Christmas presents from last year... and yet he is (as I type) going through the toy catalog and saying "I like that one. I want that one."
He talks in full sentences, he has an opinion, and his taste is expensive. Ugggh.

And Chi this year has decided Mommy isn't getting a list... uh oh. I'm supposed to have Mother's Intuition and know what to get her.


Ashley Sisk said...

I love it - I no longer give lists - I don't even want gifts but I don't recall ever wanting my mom to use her intuition. She's pretty sassy!

Erika B said...

Oh yes..the toy catalogues. They read them to pieces in our house these days. Great shots!

Erika B

justine said...

what gorgeous shots, wonderful.

Taylor said...

LOVE that first shot!! Taylor's list started out okay and then she just started pointing at everything LOL! She really wants a kitchen and a big doll house though, that much was clear... and expensive LOL!