Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wild Thang

We finally decided Chi's back to school plats were looking a little tired.  And so Mommy took a HUGE risk and took them out only hours before a scheduled family portrait session.  Yikes.

Luckily, au natural works for Chi - - or rather, Chi works her hair.
10.3 (7yr old angst)

Now I feel a little-smidgen-tiny bit bad about having my kids sit through a photo shoot only to look at the digital proofs and decide to buy nothing beyond the $9.95 fundraiser package we were guaranteed.  But after Chi donned the pink pettiskirt and floral embellished tank top the photographer offered (instead of the "Granma's Attic" style outfits and setting I'd thought we'd get), I knew I was going to love the pictures only because my kids always bring personality and not because the pictures captured a moment in time. 
10.3 (tree climber)10.3 (en vogue)
Chi scouted out her own locations around the grounds of my high school and indulged me with a "Mommy can do better" photo shoot that I gratefully and excitedly accepted.
10.3 (cool)
Perhaps I should be impressed that she knows what works for a photo... but then, as she says, "I'm not a photographer, Mommy.  I'm an artist."  And although I see the two classifications as emerging, I'll be supportive of her viewpoint...
10.3 (wil' chil')
because I've learned that Chi has pretty good insight for an almost-8-year-old.


Taylor said...

Gorgeous shots, love the one with her hanging upside down in the tree!!

Tanisha said...

Absolutely beautiful subject and picture! I LOVE the hair!!!!