Tuesday, September 7, 2010

{Sweet} Keys

It's still Tuesday, but just barely... I'm trying to wind down a bit before I hit the bed - hard.  It's been one of those really exciting, really long days for me.  The first day of school.  For the kids and for me.  I'll have to detail my impressions sometime this week, but right now I just want to share a few pictures from our last weekend on break.
9.6 (21bw) 
This is the first bunch to share... Ya discovered his sister's keyboard.  He knows how to turn it on.  He pumps up the volume.
9.6 (6bw)
He tickles the ivory and waits patiently for applause.
Sometimes he plays quite seriously - on the pretty pink keyboard.  He cares nothing of the color.  It's the sound that matters.  He creates a melody.  He produces music. He discovers that he can jam.
9.6 (4.)
And he knows that if he keeps at it, it can only get better.
9.6 (27s&f)


LenzLove said...

Oh my he is so into!! I love it. That's how it all begins and it's so precious to watch the process.
Sending you blessings!

Susan said...

He's a real ham!! Looks like you've got some talent going on.

He'll love these pictures in years to come.


Betty Anne said...

These pictures of your little boy are awesome -- my favorite is the second one -- it is a great capture of a moment to be treasured.
P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog : )

rlooney said...

What cute pictures. I love the 3rd picture. So sweet.
Love you name :-)