Monday, September 6, 2010

In Other News

While Ya has been dealing with some pretty tough days transitioning into daycare, Chi has been moved to boredom-induced tears in the classroom with me.  She's done with Phineus and Ferb marathons, with Suite Life on Deck, Hannah Montana, and Good Luck Charlie.  I think we have seen every episode ever made.  The art projects only take up a few minutes with her paper cutting, gluing, and stapling frenzy.  The mess, however, seems to linger and taunt me. 

I commissioned a beauty parlor called Simply Spa’Riffik® to hook Chi up with her back-to-school do.  She cried a river in the chair - the price of beauty is not cheap or painless.  The end result is an amazing hairstyle that should hold up at least 2-3 weeks.  Thank goodness.

And now that her hair is all prepped for school, I thought preserving her in back-to-school photos was a great idea; except that I'll be at work when she officially walks to her classroom, meets her teacher, and becomes a third grade student.  She doesn't get to ride the beloved Big Cheese, because she's a SAC (school age care) kid and she's in her school by 7 a.m.  So, I encouraged her to drag her back pack to my school for the pictures. 

She couldn't find her back pack.  It was buried somewhere in her room.  It would not answer when he called for it.  So, she resorted to using her perfectly good, hardly looks used backpack from a previous year.

She picked out an outfit.  She agreed to let me get a few photos of her back-to-your-school-not-mine day.  And as I hunted for a place on the grounds to get a decent picture, I sought out lighting.  The sun was too harsh out in the open and the front of the school was too crowded and proclaimed the school's name too many places.  So I found a great spot by the teacher's parking lot.

And Chi says:
"What's a better way to represent the first day of school than to have me stand next to a tree?"

She was right, of course, but I insisted...
9.1 (21)
9.1 (22)
9.1 (23)
And then she insisted on a "school shot"...
9.1 (25)
9.1 (26)
And I finally took one.
9.1 (24)

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tiff(threeringcircus) said...

She looks gorgeous with that hair style. I love the school shot and the one with her big smile. She is a beauty.
It's so wierd that you are all just starting your school year and we are halfway through. My kids are counting down until school holidays (2 weeks to go)