Monday, September 20, 2010


9.13 (blow)
When will the coughing, sneezing, stuffy head, soar throat, aching end so he can rest?

We've all had a cold for most of last week.  Chi was the front runner and caught hers first.  Ya pulled up in second place, and I was third.  And though mine is finally leaving me - after kicking my boohtay swifty for some of the longest workdays of my life - I'm wondering if something ickier than a common cold has attacked my li'l man... there's nothing common about his agonizing cough.

 His school mentioned one child is out with Strep.  Ugghh!  Please don't let Ya follow suite!

I mean we've finally had a day without tears at morning drop off.  Yes, big boy took the hand of his morning attendant and walked stoically away from Mommy without even a glance back.  He left outbreak monkey in the car, but insisted on wearing his backpack Monkey (which he also insisted on sleeping in last night).  Whatever works, right?
9.13 (passin' time)
(that's the Monkey, but clearly not Ya's school uniform, photo taken while passing time during Chi's TKD class 9.13.2010)
When I came to pick him up,Ya was reading contently while sitting on a bench in his classroom (albeit the book was upside down in his hands).  We've made progress.

Oh, I really hope this whatever goes back where it came from, because sneaking in cough syrup as he sleeps is not working and he already knows not to trust me with little tiny (medicine) cups.

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Taylor said...

Poor little guy! I hope whatever it is, is gone soon. Yay for a better day at school.