Monday, September 20, 2010

on becoming a Frog Princess

I'm thinking that this area is really making it easy to dream of my prince.  He's got to be out there... and with the recent rain, he and his friends have been partying in the grass all over the neighborhood. 
9.10 (frog)
Now, he's not making finding him easy.  Nope, I'd have spent much of the last few days puckering up to find him.  Lucky for all the frogs I've seen, I'm a bit leery of the threat of warts.
9.10 (found frog!)
We found this sweet guy the other day near "our creek."  He was a bit shy and ultra alert to our proximity to him.
 9.10 (frog 2)
In fact, if we were much closer than a foot away, he'd scurry into the taller grasses and will his breathing to slow.  Little prince, I'm not going to kiss you... but I am keeping your picture because Ya thinks you are cool.

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