Saturday, September 18, 2010

on the horizon of 'Tween

September 17, 2010:  Trouble has hit the house. 
9.10 (41.)
It was one thing to have two neighborhood kids linger on the corner fiddling with their bikes while waiting to oogle at my daughter running in and out the house with her TaeKwonDo gear.  It was another to see on several occassions that different boys at the pool were paying too much attention to my daughter - one even fetching the wayward beach ball from the deep end because she mentioned want of it.  And Chi's insistance on rushing out of the house to pinpoint the exact house of one of these pool boys?  Well that seemed like an innocent effort to locate a friend.

Now, though, I'm not so sure.
9.10 (10)
Chi was digging through her closet and through the clothes still strewn about her floor in a desperate search.  The treasure she sought?  A "pretty dress."  Ultimately, she found one.

Then came the colored lip gloss in pink.  Then she pressed and curled her bangs all by herself.
9.10 (17)
The reason for this effort?  To take a walk around the neighborhood.  Why so fancy?  "To look for boys."  Did she really say that?  Yes!
And now I know it's not just Mommy-bias when I look at Chi and see beautiful.  I'm nervous about what's to come.  So very nervous...

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