Tuesday, August 31, 2010


We waited for Daddy M to get the cake from the baker for our small, private party to celebrate our two years of joy with one amazing little boy.  I don't know what possessed me to light the "Fun to Be One" candle.  I blame the nutty photographer, who has been trying to figure out natural light photography and has been met with inconsistent results.  Just light the candle, let Ya "practice" blowing it out once or twice, and be totally ready for the actual ritual. 
82810am (123.)
And since we're practicing, why not let him put on the birthday hat, blow a horn, and sing too? 

Well, the reason, as we now know, is because Ya reveled in the spotlight and didn't want the moment to end.  So we sang, and he blew out the candle.  And then he pointed his finger at my lighter want and said,"Hapburdaytutu."  I lit the candle, we sang, I said, "Now blow out the candle." He blew it out.  He said, "Want blow," and pointed again.  Repeat... repeat... repeat half a dozen more times...
82810 birthday 
Mommy says, "Okay, one more time," and the song and blow are quickly repeated.  Ya says, "One more time, mama. Peez? Want blow."   And because he was the birthday boy, I agreed.  We switch hats, because the first hat kept falling off... recruit sister to help blow... switch to a scented candle with a stable base... repeat... repeat... repeat...
82810am (158.)
 I'm still amazed Ya didn't pass out from all his blowing...

And finally, Daddy M arrives with the cake. We carefully placed his candles - selected by Ya on a trip to BJ's - on the cake.  And he said, "Hapburdaytutu. Want blow!"  So we lit the candles and sang in our best voices "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Ya, happy birthday to you." 
8.28 (20)
And then Ya belted out the longest birthday serenade ever as his sister happily honked on her horn, handing one to Ya to try to honk with her.
82810am (81.)
After Ya helped cut his own cake, he dabbed his spoon in the amazingly sweet, soft buttercream icing.  And then he plucked off the sprinkles. 

We read his cards together.
8.28 (46bw)
He loved up on his "Dah-dee".
8.28 (29bw)
Who flashed the most amazing smile as he watched his son and beamed with pride.

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