Tuesday, August 31, 2010


For days he'd been singing his own personal version of "Happy Birthday" - drawing out the notes and clapping excitedly at the end as he cheered, "Yeah."  And finally, it had arrived : Ya's second birthday.
82810am (14bw)
Mommy insisted on a quick photo shoot, this time opting not to take the look over the shoulder birthday suit picture and instead hoping to get a "big boy" picture.  Ya humored me by wearing a tie and a collared shirt, but he was in no mood to pose.
82810am (22.)
Chi helped by racing up and down the sidewalk, Ya trailing behind her with an absurdly big smile plastered on his face and a silly chuckle sounding from deep in his diaphram.  We shot a half dozen pictures like this before convincing Ya to stand on our collection of power and cable boxes (I know, danger!) where, for a milisecond before he bent his knees and leaped off, he froze and smiled.

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