Wednesday, August 18, 2010

'Tis Done!

Drums please!
8.14 (18wm)

And blogapalooza is officially finished.
Whew!  I've typed a marathon.  I've posted 24 times in as many hours.  I am so sleepy.  So mentally drained.  So ready to take a break.
8.14 (112wm)
On the photos (Aug 14, 2010): After taking pictures of flowers and bugs, and a few of the kids, I decided to play around with my aperature settings.  Basically, I was hoping to see what effect I could create with my 50mm lens and a very shallow focus (f 1.8-f 2).  I'm pretty happy with the results this had using natural light (no flash) on sculptures displayed in Ya's grandparents' house this weekend.  Certainly these pictures wouldn't help an insurance claim, but I think they're pretty artsy-cool.
8.14 (107wm)


Divine Mrs D said...

They're very cool! I really like the way the lighting works on the second one.

Stopping by from SITS!

I am Harriet said...

T'is indeed :)
Blogapalooza was a lot of work.

Congrats on doing it.
I had a lot of fun!

LenzLove said...

Wow!! That's allot of posting. I think I might do that in a weeks time between my 3 blogs but that's allot in 24 hours!! congrats to you!!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your words of encouragement.
Wishing you a blessed week.

Susan said...

These are incredible, just like all your pictures.

Hope you have a blessed weekend.