Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I got you, babe

At this very moment, there are no fewer than seven browser windows open... I'm primarily flipping between Flickr, Blogapalooza, FaceBook, my Blogger dashboard, Love That Shot, and entries from I ♥ Faces.  My PhotoShop is running, and I've opened a folder for August 2010 images. I'm either a great multitasker or am suffering from a bad case of undiagnosed ADD (no hyperactivity in my profile). 

It's 7ish and I've not gotten up at this hour without an alarm clock since two weeks into my summer vacation. (Ah, the life of a teacher in the off season).

The brain has decided that I should uphold the "A picture is worth a thousand words" quip, and so I am letting yesterday's pool excursion speak for itself.
8.17 (64bw)
8.17 (6.)
8.17 (32.)
8.17 (34)
8.17 (9.)
8.17 (49.)
8.17 (39.)
8.17 (38.)
8.17 (29.)
8.17 (61.)
Do you see the devotion that I see?
 It makes my heart happy.

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