Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Orlando: July 8

After our arrival at Bonnet Creek, we wanted nothing to do with sitting.  In fact, had the hotel suite been ready immediately, we'd probably only have dropped our luggage and disappeared. 

While PopPop checked in and was told our home-away-from-home was not ready, we went toward the first water we saw: a beautiful fountain surrounded by palm trees.  I caught Chi by surprise and was greeted with the smile I love.
When PopPop returned with news of the hour+ delay, we had nothing to do but wait around.  So, we followed the crowds to an ice cream social.

Chocolate for Chi was a surprise. And she ultimately admitted that she'd have preferred vanilla and asked to share Mommy's. 
7.8 (78)
Ya earned himself a bowl of sprinkles and ate small handfuls between sharings of our ice cream.
7.8 (77)
PopPop seemed to like his choice and stood quietly enjoying his cold treat.
7.8 (79)
Finally, we got antsy waiting and PopPop returned to check in for an update.  We were given our suite, 870 in Tower 4, which had a quaint Spanish name that I cannot remember.  We unloaded the car, pulled out our swim wear, and left PopPop to relax from the drive while we enjoyed the lazy river.

Chi took the fast route, while Ya and Oma seemed on the slow journey around the pool.
7.8 (27bw)
7.8 (33)
And poolside fashion was at it's best for li'l man.
7.8 (45)
Mommy got a picture, too (and realized that there is a reason why her prefered suit has a skirt and PhotoShop has a crop tool!). 

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