Monday, July 5, 2010

More from the 4th

Fish spotting.
7.4 (130col)
I tried to get Ya away from the dock so Chi could hang out, but he got away... upon discovery, the smile of mischief.
Begrudgingly heading to eat.
7.4 (102)
Fetching the stick.
7.4 (97)
Water watching?
7.4 (125s)
I asked Chi to pose, but Ya was the one who shot over to say "cheese" - - one of the few smiles he let me catch all day.
7.4 (137bw)
And since he so wanted to pose, I focused on him.  He gave me nothing.
7.4 (134)
Here's my favorite gal ;)
7.4 (132bw)
Could be clapping, but more than likely, he's killing the gnats.
7.4 (193)
The belly button!
7.4 (189)

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