Monday, July 26, 2010

Disney: July 13: Magic Kingdom

PopPop elected not to join us on the second trip to the Magic Kingdom, so Ya and the gals were alone on the adventure. 

We started on the bus, of course, then "all aboard the choo choo train" (as Ya likes to sing).  Daisy was right were she was supposed to be - - just inside the entrance and right before Main Street.
Oma and Chi stood wait in line, while Ya and I went to the Chapeau Hat Shoppe for ears and personalization (only $3!).  Ya helped me pick halographic-style ears and a blue cap - - complete customization, as you pay per part.

Oma caught this picture when we returned:
7.13 (12)

This is Ya's coy look...
7.13 (22)
He wasn't into Miss Daisy. But my darling Chi was ready to flash a prized smile!
7.13 (21)
Then a quick trip down Main Street, USA, past the Mayor and his town folk, and off toward Fantasyland.
7.13 (28)
Chi and Ya rode Cinderella's Golden Carrousel- each on his or her own horse.  And when Chi took off for her second ride, we saw this treasured sword...
7.13 (94)
Even as I look at this photo, Ya remembers, "Dis hot!"  And at the time he was very clear in saying, "Oww. Hot. Is stuck!" You are right, honey.  Mommy never should've suggested you try to pull the sword from the stone... but you were so cute in your ferocity.
sword n stone
Nearby was another street performance group.
7.13 (86)
And then we saw them!  Wendy Darling and Peter Pan appeared in front of us and their line was short!
7.13 (90)
And just around the corner from them was Cinderella's Fairy Godmother! Score one, two, and three more for the autograph book.

Was it wrong that the entire line chimed in to send an elderly man and his wheelchair-bound wife away when he line-cut?  Perhaps... but we waited yet another half hour in a line that really wasn't a line for a chance to meet Alice and the White Rabbit.
7.13 (47)
7.13 (55)
And during the wait?  First, Chi made Oma physically ill by spinning the tea cup around.
7.13 (33)
Then Oma sat in line while Chi tried to make me equally nausiated. I really don't remember the Mad Tea Party ride being quite so... active.
7.13 (41)
Somewhere between Fantasyland and Toontown, we ended up with lollipops. Sticky, big lollipops.
7.13 (71)
Staining, and ever stickier lollipops.  They were a great addition to our trip in close proximity to other park guests waiting in line for the Dumbo The Flying Elephant ride... can you say "sorry about your white pants, lady." ?

We rode the Walt Disney World® Railroad around the park, though none of us really knew why... The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh was a bit too childish for Chi and Ya was only momentarily interested in the slow moving animatronic characters.  A bathing suit (which we left at home after carrying it around for no reason for two days) would've been nice for the Donald's Boat water feature. Chi got her feet wet and ended up with pretty grizzly blisters the next morning.

Chi and I got on a roller coaster, The Barnstormer at Goofy's Wiseacre Farm, and with a growth spurt of a few more inches, Ya could've joined us.

We ate at a super crowded fast food place called Cosmic Ray's Starlight Café and Ya wasn't a fan of the performing Cosmis Ray creature.  Tables were scarse and the attendants weren't helping get people seated.  I watched a woman in a wheel chair lose two tables before she and her sons were successful.  The food was excellent, though.  Oma ordered a turkey wrap with fresh greens.  I had a chicken Caesar salad.  And Yadon and Chi shared a child's chicken strips and French fries.  Yummy.

"it's a small world" was an absolute must ride.  I have no idea why.  It seemed so much more amazing in the recesses of my memory.  And the cast and song strangly reminded me of Tim Burton's 2005 rendition of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Willie Wonka,  Willie Wonka, he's our favorite chocolatier!).
7.13 (201)
And after a long, carefree day of absolutely no planning, we were done.  Nope, we didn't hit many of the attractions, but it felt like we'd done it all.
7.13 (221)
We must've over done it, because by the time we got to the parking lot, Ya was bus spottin ("Dere one is, Ma-ma! Dere!" and then "Oh no!" when it wasn't ours).  Chi was tired of it all, too. 

Official park areas explored:
•Liberty Square

•Fantasyland® area

•Mickey's Toontown® Fair area

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