Tuesday, July 27, 2010

And then it hit me!

I was trying to figure out what purplish photo I had to share for this week's I Faces (and seeing that it is Chi's favorite color, you'd think this would be easy), but I was at a bit of a loss.  Why? Well, I've been trying to hurry up and finish my Florida vaykay recap and haven't had a lot of time away from my computer (gasp!)  Oh, but this should be fabulously simple to find a picture because there's quite a bit of purple here.  I just last week painted a wall in Chi's room purple - and in the process, I stepped on the paint can lid and painted my feet as well.  We did it after Ya had tuckered out, so it was a hurry up and finish sort of effort.  Needless to say, there aren't any photos of our effort. What!?!

I have a great picture from last year of Chi playing dress up which would be perfect... but I want a current image of my girl.  So, I decided on another shot from our trip to the creek on July 1.  And then it hit me that this shot was perfect!

Before she decided to charge me per picture, she had been toying with her princess hat.  Its gold color was flaking off and had formed an interesting "fairy dust" effect on her forehead.  Then, she pulled the long ribbon around and partially covered her face with it. Her eyes focused on me - one of the few times she elected to look at my camera all day.
It's a mysterious sort of pose from Chi, so I liked that it was soft focus.  Oh, and because I'm just playing around with the picture anyway, I added some concrete texture to it to heighten the mystique.  I'm quite happy with the results.


Life with Kaishon said...

Holy cow. It is amazing : )
Very nice picture. She is the cutest thing. This picture has a great mood!

monami said...

lovely :) I love it :)


lsquare said...

She has wonderful eyes! I really like that your photo focuses on them....

Karen said...

Precious! It is a challenge just to get our kids to look at us isn't it? :) Love the texture as well.