Monday, July 19, 2010

Bonnet Creek and a {Sweet} Surfer

Thank you Daddy, the timeshare you purchased way back in 2003 during our first family trip to Orlando has been a God-sent blessing.  We booked our seven days at Wyndham's Bonnet Creek Resort hoping to cut costs on hotel fees (the timeshare is, afterall, paid for).  What we got with our reservation, though, was a stay in paradise.

So what if we arrived after 12 hours of car travel at 2 p.m. and check in wasn't until 4?  We busied ourselves watching a bug surf for his life (then rescued him).
We marveled in the beauty of the architecture.
We admired the palms we don't see so often up north.  And the sky? I swear it's different there.
We were mezmerized by the spacious grounds and the water features.

And we appreciated the two-room suite with full kitchen, a living room, and balcony we finally settled into.


Taylor said...

This makes me so excited to see because we are taking taylor and Mason to Florida in Feb 2011. It will be our first family vacation and I can't wait to see it all through their eyes and also my own since I have never been there either LOL! So glad you loved it!

Sheri said...

The reflections in the water are beautiful!

Rana said...

Great photos! Makes me miss visiting Florida. The Palm picture is really cool.

Petie said...

Must be the week for rescues (our sweet shot is a rescue too). That is a very cool shot of the "surfer bug". Your vacation looks wonderful, like you said, a little slice of paradise!

Susan said...

Oh my, how beautiful. What awesome pictures.

I especially like the bug surfing!!


patty said...

what a beautiful place!! love the shot of the surfer dude, and the one of the fountain through the windows!