Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Week In the Life : Day Six

Wait a minute... there are 7 days in a week?  It seems like even the short term projects aren't completed in a timely fashion, huh?

Friday: May 21, 2010:
Work was oh so fabulous.  I mean who doesn't like to hear a student say "Are you pregnant?  I like to rub bellies"?  Wait a second.  I may have gained about five pounds (pure stress, I tell you), but I'm certainly not looking like a pregnant woman.  I took the comment in stride, but it still stung.

In the last period of the day, a distressed student decided to use his JROTC star pin as a cutting tool.  He sliced his arm with three 1 1/2 inch stripes and a few smaller scratches.  Another student reports in a whisper, "There's some dangerous activity in here," and nods in the direction of the cutter, who is slowly waltzing across the room saying "Can I have a bandaid, the desk cut me."  I insisted he go to the nurse to have it sprayed to avoid infection and penned a quick e-mail to her to let her know I thought the wound self-inflicted intentionally, as the desk had no splintering or sharp edges.  The student returns in less than five minutes.  He flips out about the star pin being removed from the clear cover of his binder (he did it) and then sits with his hands raking through his hair.  The nurse reports to my classroom, having read the e-mail a bit late, and escorts student away.  She calls his mom and sends him home.  I e-mail the school's social worker and the psychologist. Never did get a reply.  Another student inquires, "How exactly are you suppose to handle students like that [indicating his troubled classmate]?"  I still don't know.
5.21 (4)
Chi was scheduled for a make up gymnastics class, so we (Ya and I) did what we always do - we trotted over to the Boys and Girls Club.  The court was locked up again, and so our only option was to hang out at the playground (which clearly says intended for ages 5-12).

I looked forward to diverting my attention to a little fun.

Little driver...
5.21 (59)
5.21 (50)
Total amusement...
5.21 (24)
5.21 (26)
We stopped breifly at Oma's and played peek-a-boo (pretend you don't see him).
Ah, there he is!

(journaled a whole month after the fact... how's that for prompt?)

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The Paper Mama said...

Wow, you have some cute kids! I love all the photos.