Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Week In the Life: Day Seven

Saturday: May 22, 2010:

It was a day of simple discoveries for Ya as he played at Oma and PopPop's.  Tav and Megan left Bleu with the parental units for the weekend (they went to a mini truck show). 
5.22 (51)
Ya loves dogs, so he was stoaked to get to play with Dorado and Bleu!
5.22 (32)
5.22 (13)
5.22 (27)
5.22 (22)
He jumped and slid and jumped some more.
5.22 (8)
He also practiced his burgeoning spitting skills (thanks to a lesson during teeth brushing).
And Chi made herself scarse, as she often does...

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