Tuesday, June 8, 2010

{Sweet} Pirates!

I've finally finished a two and a half month fight with Adobe over my Photoshop order.  Who'd have thought that it'd take half a dozen calls, three "eligibility" upload e-mails and some very tense moments of pure frustration to get both the software and the serial numbers I paid for?  Whew.  I'm glad it's finally over and I can play with my Creative Suite Design Standard software without fear that the 30 day trial countdown will block my access. 

Anyway, we ventured to the VA Rennaisance Faire this past weekend.  It was the perfect location for getting my "Sweet Shot!"

 I totally wanted to go on Willie Shakespeare's weekend, but alas the ides of Saturday had come and we were still at home in the living room... And so, we caught Pirate Weekend instead. 


A good pirate time was had by all.  Well... actually, Chi insisted on being a {painted} Lady of the Court and Ya insisted on being obstinant (which I suppose is pretty pirate-like).
I insisted that Ya try on one of the period costumes, but he'd only reluctantly agree to a hat.
After about four tries, he was distracted enough by toys to ignore the intrusion on his head.


We didn't get Chi's favorite sweet: Kettle Corn... but she did get a corn dog and fries.  I got an amazing Gyro and Rice dish that made me totally stoked.  Mom's smoked turkey leg looked divine, but she wanted my gyro - so I let her taste it.

I got quite a few great shots of the Faire's cast, but my Adobe Feud slowed my progress on making them world worthy (need to shrink, rotate and level to tweak 'em, otherwise I'd go SOOC). 


Amy Henderson said...

Cute pics! Love the face paint!

Susan said...

Now, this was fun. Your children are precious.

Love your son in that hat! My dad wore one just like it.

Great shots~

patty said...

what a fun time... i just missed a local rennaisance fair here... sigh. love the face painting.. all adorable shots!


50centlove said...

These pictures are beautiful!!

Peek at My Paper said...

Great Photos!
Hee Hee - I love the windy daze shot at the bottom in the You may also like... section!
Thanks for stopping by my blog today. You commented on the photo about driving 40 mph & getting a POTD. :)
Luckily no one was injured in the taking of the photo - my husband was driving at the time! :)
Thanks for the heads up on that - I just added a comment in the post to clarify that to all the other readers.

Your pics are beautiful!
have a great day,

Taylor said...

I really love theses pictures especially the 3rd pic!!