Saturday, June 12, 2010

Her Element is Water

I know this because way back in 2004, she was hanging out in buckets and containers just to get a "pool" fix going.
She would spend hours in the bath and refused to get out until the water temperature set her teeth a-chattering.  Fast forward to 2010, and though time has elapsed six whirlwind years, I found my girl in a bucket of water just yesterday afternoon.  Now because a neighbor's child had joined her in the impromptu water party, I only shot a quick picture of their feet... 

impromptu soak

But here's a few of her after rigging up the sprinkler (yes, we do occassionally use technology available beyond the simple hose of yesteryear).
6.8 (23)
Yes, the speedo had to be worn, because just like 1.5 year old Chi, 7.5 year old does not like to have her hair done.
6.8 (12)
6.8 (17)

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